Have you received mysterious calls from the number 02045996879 and wondered who was behind it? You’re not alone. The UK has seen a surge in unsolicited calls in recent years, and many people have experienced frustration and concern over the unidentified caller. In this article, we delve into the story behind this enigmatic phone number and shed some light on its origins.

Missed calls from 02045996879

Reports first surfaced in 2018 of missed calls from 02045996879. Individuals who answered the calls reported hearing silence on the other end or a pre-recorded message in Chinese. Some people received multiple calls per day, raising suspicion and causing annoyance. Those who attempted to return the calls found that the number was not in service, adding to the air of mystery.

Wangiri scam

The increasing number of reports led to speculation that the calls were part of a phishing scam or some form of fraud. An investigation found that the calls were part of a Wangiri scam, a type of phone scam in which fraudsters make short, silent calls to a list of numbers in the hope that the recipients will call back out of curiosity. The scammer then keeps the line open, running up charges for the victim.
Further investigation revealed that the number was registered in Nigeria, and third-party groups were using it to perpetrate the scam. The Wangiri scam is a widespread issue and is not limited to the UK. The United States Federal Trade Commission reported in 2019 that Wangiri fraud had increased by over 1000% in just one year.

Receive calls from unknown numbers

So, what can you do if you receive calls from unknown numbers such as 02045996879? Firstly, do not return the calls. Scammers often use missed calls as the first step in their process, and returning the call may put you at risk of fraud. Instead, look up the number online to see whether others have reported it and block the number on your phone if possible.

It’s also worth noting that while scammers often use automated calling systems, many Wangiri scams originate from actual phone numbers. Fraudsters can spoof phone numbers, making it seem as if the call is coming from a legitimate source. Therefore, it’s vital to be cautious and wary of any unsolicited calls, whether from a local or international number.

In conclusion,

the story behind 02045996879 highlights the need for caution and vigilance when it comes to unsolicited calls. The prevalence of scams such as Wangiri fraud can cause a significant impact both financially and emotionally. Remember, if you receive a call from an unknown number, it is always best to take precautions and not return the call. By arming yourself with knowledge and taking steps to protect your phone from scams, you can help combat these fraudulent activities and protect yourself from harm.


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