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Android smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives, serving as our primary mode of communication, entertainment, and productivity. However, managing and optimizing these devices can be a daunting task with the plethora of features and functions they possess. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 lifehacks for owners of Android smartphones, making Android smartphones more efficient and fun to use.

Customize Your Home Screen

Customizing your home screen makes your smartphone more personal and saves time by providing quick access to apps you use most frequently. You can add, remove and arrange apps by holding the home screen and selecting widgets, wallpapers, and app icons.

Other options include using launchers like Nova Launcher or Action Launcher, which allow you to customize icons, gesture controls, themes, and even the app drawer.

Optimize Your Battery Life

Battery life continues to be a significant concern for smartphone users, and it’s important to know how to maximize your battery’s life. Simply disabling unused apps and features that use up power like location services, Bluetooth, NFC, and location services can increase battery life.

Using battery optimization apps like Greenify, can aid in automatic hibernation of unwanted apps and save battery life. Lowering screen brightness and placing the phone on battery saver mode, helps power management.

Utilize In-App Gestures

Many Android apps have in-app gestures like swiping, double-tapping, and long-pressing, which can save time and improve functionality. For instance, in Gmail and Google Maps, swiping left or right on a message or location, respectively, archives or deletes it.

Additionally, Tapping the tab key or holding down the middle button on the keyboard allows for quick copying and pasting of text.

Use Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an intelligent virtual assistant that allows you to control your phone with your voice and help with a variety of tasks. It can be activated using voice commands such as “OK, Google,” or by holding down the home button.

Google assistant helps with tasks like sending messages, setting reminders, placing calls, and even playing music.

Organize Your Notifications

Notifications can be overwhelming, distracting, and may consume valuable time. To manage them effectively, organize them into notification channels and block less necessary ones. Visit the apps settings option, and select app notifications to configure notification channels.

Also, use the Android notification snooze feature that delays or silences notifications for a specific time. This can help reduce distractions and keep you focused.

Use Google Photos

Google Photos is a powerful photo management app that helps organize photos and videos and makes it easier to find them. It provides unlimited free storage and enables auto-backup of photos and videos from your device.

With Google photos, create photo albums and share photos or videos from different devices and even with people who don’t have the app.

Use Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps can provide better functionality for a variety of tasks, ranging from file management to messaging. For example, Google Keep, OneNote or Evernote provide synchronized note-taking and organization.

Other apps like Solid Explorer,  MiXplorer, or Files by Google increase storage management and offer a variety of sorting and categorizing options.

Use Google Maps Offline

Google Maps is a powerful tool for getting directions, navigating, and discovering new places. However, it’s not always possible to have an internet connection, particularly while traveling or abroad.

To counteract this, pre-download Google maps offline so that you can use them without an internet connection. Simply search for the area you intend to visit. Download the map for that region through the offline maps option.

Use Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb mode is an excellent tool to help you get uninterrupted sleep or concentration or even when in meetings. It silences all notifications and calls.  Make sure to customize your preferences in options and set it accordingly. This can be done in settings by selecting sound and notifications > Do Not Disturb.

Use Multi-User Accounts

Multiple profiles on a smartphone allow for users to manage personal and professional lives effectively on one device. Android smartphones provide users the ability to create multiple profiles customizable to different user needs.

This feature could be helpful for families, students or business professionals who want to separate their lives on one device.


Owning an Android smartphone can be made more efficient and fun with the tricks and tips mentioned above. From battery optimization to better organization of notifications. Utilizing the power of third-party apps, to multi-user accounts and customization of home screens. These lifehacks will make your device experience more optimized, streamlined, and enjoyable. Make use of them today and see the difference in your Android smartphone usage.


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